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Med School Tutors Newsletter April 2012

As a leader in USMLE preparation and residency admissions, Med School Tutors offers premium tutoring, coaching and advisement for every step throughout your medical education. At Med School Tutors, we believe deeply that you can (and will) master any USMLE Step.

With our uniquely attentive and personalized service, we know your preparation will be as effective and successful as possible. Your customized course of study will begin with a thorough consultation with our Executive Director, and will include the following exclusive benefits:

  • a personalized (and flexible) study schedule and curriculum
  • an honest initial assessment of your position and needs for achieving your objective
  • insightful interpretation of all assessments and trends in your study
  • moral and study support from the executive staff
  • individualized guidance about the optimal scheduling of your exam
  • access to an adviser for your residency admissions process

What students are saying

Med School Tutors was an absolute godsend for me. I was paired with a tutor who was not only a fantastic teacher, but a great motivator as well. He tailored each tutoring session to my specific needs, and guided me in the right direction in terms of what to study, and how to study it, which is very important when considering the amount of information you need to cover for USMLE Step 1... I wouldn't have passed Step 1 were it not for Med School Tutors. ...I recommend this to anyone studying for any of the Steps. I'm so glad I decided to work with Med School Tutors, and wouldn't be enjoying working in the hospital right now in my third year were it not for the excellent tutoring I received.

Tom F.
Mount Sinai School of Medicine 2013

USMLE Tutoring available via our Distance Learning Program

Please contact our New York City
office for more details.

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