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blogging tips for beginners image

--Geoff Fuller

Blogging can be intimidating. Whenever our SEO team suggests blogging to clients, they are often greeted with a look of shock, stress, and frustration by the client. In fact, the number one response is, "I don't have time to blog." A quick second response is, "I don't know how."

Well, our Chicago marketing company can help you with both. We can help you understand how to blog. And if you just don't have time to do it, we can help with that, too.

Facebook updates post visibility algorithm image

-- Jane Gozenpud

Facebook has made yet another change that makes it harder for brand pages to be seen; the social media giant updated its newsfeed algorithm so brand pages are more inferior to personal posts. So, basically, non-business material from your friends and family will get much more visibility than the business posts from the brand pages you've liked.

This sounds a lot like announcements we've heard before! 

business tips for entrepreneurs image

--Geoff Fuller

Succeeding in business can be very hard to do. Businesses [generally] don't get lucky and fall face-first into money and have a dedicated target market handed to them. 

When you start a business, you need to know a thing or two about good business if you want your business to take off, someday.

share a coke campaign image

--Scott Ventura

Last year, Coke launched their "Share a Coke" campaign, which featured personalized cans and bottles. Consumers could find cans and bottles with names of friends and families and could submit their own names.

The campaign was immensely successful; it helped Coke achieve a 19 percent growth last year.

So of course Coca-Cola would bring this campaign back. And with any sequel, it is bigger and better than ever. This time around, Coke is adding 1,000 names to be placed on Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero cans and bottles. This is 4x as many names. Some of the new names include Annie, Adriana, Krista, Dennis, Colleen, Angelina, Eddie, and more.

creating a business startup name image

--Geoff Fuller

Startups are everywhere. It seems like every day, we have a dozen new startups in the country. For many startups, the trend for creating a name is to go with something bizarre. They take a word and eliminate the vowels or they create a new word entirely. For example, Thoof. Qoop. Etc. Have you heard of either of those? Probably not since they're defunct. 

--Geoff Fuller

It is April Fool's Day, which means that pranks are all over the place. Today, our Chicago marketing agency celebrates some of the best pranks surrounding brands, whether they were started by the brand or they were just a victim.

millennials are changing marketing and advertising industry image

-- Geoff Fuller

More and more Millennials are entering the work force. With every wave of a generation that enters this portion of the world, that part of the world changes and becomes accustomed to their tendencies and demands.

As part of the creative marketing industry, our Chicago marketing company has noticed changes and trends that emerged in marketing and advertising with the rise of Millennials coming into the industry. There are approximately 75 million of them in the U.S. alone and together, they make up about 44 percent of the workforce in the country. There are several great things they are doing to the industry.