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How to Pronounce These 15 Brand Names You've Said Wrong This Whole Time

Brands exist around the world. Languages dictate that letters are pronounced differently, depending on the language. This can pose a problem when you consider when a brand goes international. As a Chicago marketing company, this is one thing we consider when creating a name when branding a company.

Thanks to Business Insider, here is a video informing you about the proper way to pronounce 15 brand names that you've probably been saying wrong all this time.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats from Last Week

The last seven days were a flurry of activity on social media, it seemed like every day, there was something new to talk about. It all began with the Oscars, then the llamas, and then the dress. Of course, let's not forget the passing of Leonard Nimoy and the consequential usage of LLAP (live long and prosper).

Here are the top 10 buzzed activities from social media, according to our Chicago digital marketing team.

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How To Create a Business Name You Can Be Proud Of

"...What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…" from Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare is one of the most quoted lines in theater history. It brings a good question to mind, "What's in a name?"

There is a lot that goes into a name and more than just a group of vowels and consonants. Especially when it comes to the success of your small business, according to our New York City marketing agency. The right name can be a big part of success; the wrong name can be a business's demise.

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3 Characteristics of Successful Word-of-Mouth Marketing

This post is brought to you by our Los Angeles marketing company team. 

Every brand has something interesting about its history, they have a story worth telling. Many brands do this with digital marketing, such as social media marketing, while others take to other means of marketing. Some brands like to use an old, yet still very potent form of marketing, word-of-mouth marketing

Why is WOM so powerful, even in an age when we have technology everywhere? It has to do with trust and personal relationships. Brands want nothing more than for consumers to trust them and to develop a personal relationship with their target market(s). WOM primarily travels through human-to-human interaction, such as talking with a friend or family member.

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6 Major Marketing Strategies to Learn from Apple

With another year under its belt, and a $56.6 billion net worth (some have alleged it's actually in the trillions), it is safe to say that Apple has marketing down to a science. Does Apple make good products? Yes. Do they make the best? That's up for discussion. Do they make you believe they make the best? Yes.

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5 Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Revamp Its Rewards Program

Lots of companies have rewards programs, it is a staple of having a business and marketing 101 these days; however, it can be tempting to keep the same old, outdated rewards program for decades. Yes, there is the age old adage, "Why fix what ain't broken?" That does not mean we can't progress.

Take some time to think about these questions: 

1. Does our rewards program help our business? 
2. When was the last time we made changes to it? 
3. Is it worth it? 

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Getting the attention of a parent who has a young child can be tough; they have a lot grabbing at their attention. These parents are planning meals, play dates, activities, and overall care taking of their children. Picking the best opportunities and locations to reach them is tough. 

Here are three ways to market to parents of young children.

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Instagram Video Makes a Huge Leap Forward- Videos Now Loop

That is right, ladies and gentlemen, Instagram's video feature now has the incredible ability to loop. While we are already familiar with this format with GIFs and Vine, Instagram users are sure to be delighted with the news. Why? It allows users to watch a video more than once, without having to hit the play button every time.

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A Review of the Advertisements from Super Bowl XLIX

Super Bowl XLIX was a stark contrast from Super Bowl XLVIII in terms of the score and the advertisements. Super Bowl 48 was a blowout in terms of the score and the ads were funny and fun, like usual; however, Super Bowl 49 was a much more interesting game, with a close score, yet the ads were largely sentimental and some were even sad (we're looking at you, Nationwide).