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Since Google rolled out the Panda update, everybody has been spouting the word 'Contextual' into the air and expecting people to know what it means. In all actuality, a contextual backlink has been around forever - and it was important even before Panda was a sparkle in Google's digital eye. Unfortunately, information surrounding the keyphrase 'Contextual Backlink' is rather spammy. If you try to search for it online, you'll get about 100 websites offering to sell you 100 backlinks for $10 and so on. Step 1 - stay away from those websites. Step 2 - read below.

  • What is a Contextual Backlink?

    The word 'Contextual Backlink' is simply a really fancy (and confusing) way of saying a link within text. Like so: Integraphix is So Cool!. If you click on that link, you'll be brought to our home page. But that is an example of a contextual backlink, though we like to call it 'Anchor Text'. It sounds a little less snobby.

  • How do I use a Contextual Backlink?

    All of SEO revolves around content. It also revolves around keywords and keyword phrases. Building a link inside appropriate keyword phrases such as Chicago SEO Firm will not only give your website a nice looking backlink, but associate the page you're linking to with those keywords. Simple right? Not entirely.

  • How do I GET a Contextual Backlink?

    Not all blogs allow you to use HTML to build anchor text into your links, so you usually have to do it the hard way. That means, writing articles, blogging and submitting targeted press releases in order to build relevant links and content around your links.

So remember - when someone comes at you with the phrase 'Contextual Backlink' remember this article and remember that they're probably just trying to confuse you. While they ARE harder to get than regular backlinks (and articles, blogs and press releases tend to be followed links), you shouldn't buy a package of them. Pay an ethical SEO company to not only build them for you naturally, but turn that mean Panda into your website's best friend.


Integraphix, an Ethical SEO Company <- "Contextual Backlink"

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