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Even though Halloween is still a few weeks away, online SEO scammers are still coming up with blackhat scemes aimed at trapping internet users and infecting computers with viruses and more.

According to Websense (a data and internet security company), one scam related to blackhat SEO operated under the disguise of a YouTube website with nude images of celebrities. Once the user clicks on the link, they are not shown these images, but malware and a Trojan virus known as 'scandsk.exe' is left silently on the device, wreaking havoc on the operating system and exposing sensitive data.

Google has since made several efforts in detecting these blackhat SEO campaigns and has been somewhat successful though these types of attacks are ever present and an indication that threats still exist, furthering the bad reputation of SEO. For more information, read our post about BlackHat SEO Scams.

Be wary as the holiday approaches, as these types of attacks will be more frequent, so poisoned search results are going to be rampant in the near future.

As for Blackhat SEO, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the false manipulation of search results. Be aware of any website that wants you to download anything to get the results you need. If you can't buy a product or contact someone by simply filling out a form, you should back out immediately.

In terms of Internet Marketing, Blackhat SEO ranges from internet scams to viruses to scamming website owners into thinking they're getting search results that are targeted and bringing in sales. This isn't so. Some Blackhat SEO techniques include the following:

1. Hidden Text and Links on the page
2. Keyword Stuffing to confuse Search Engines
3. Doorway pages (not the same as landing pages)
4. Ping Spam: this involves notifying servers several times per minute to give the illusion that content is new, when in fact it is not.
5. Spam Blogs: These blogs generally contain gibberish that is unreadable by humans, and is designed purely for fooling the search engine robots.

These are just a handful of the techniques that unethical SEOs use to manipulate search engines and fool business/website owners. If you've been a victim of an SEO scam, contact Integraphix today to find out how you can clear your website's name and rebuild your reputation on the search engine rankings.


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