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Tumblr is by far the best way to photo blog, and since several million people are using it these days, that's an understatement. Since art is primarily a visual industry, it wasn't long before the creatives caught on and made their own Tumblr blogs. There are several blogs that you should all be following right now!

  • The Only Magic Left is Art

    This particular blog has hundreds of pages full of illustrations, paintings and graphic designs from artists all over the world. They post regularly and the quality of their posts and the artist's work is exceptional. They've also gotten popular enough to hold contests and have featured artists.

  • Eat. Sleep. Draw.

    Eat. Sleep. Draw. has enough traffic to sell ad space! They've also got tons of unique, user-submitted content and a free newsletter you can sign up for. No piece is the same and the blog accepts all types of media. Awesome blog for inspiration if you've got 'Creative Block'.

  • Pratt

    Pratt is mostly a product design blog, but the posts are out of this world! There is a smattering of graphic design and photography, but as creatives, we need to gain inspiration from every aspect of our surroundings; even 3D design.

  • Clients From Hell

    Fellow Designers will get a laugh from this blog. 90% of clients are not like this - this is a collection of one designer's worst client experiences, put into a humorous blog format. Even non-designers can get a laugh from some of these quips. Example: "We've discussed it, and I think the thing we don't like about it is the circle's too round."

  • I Can Read

    I Can Read is a great blog with inspirational quotes turned into typographic posters and/or photography. Great blog if you're having a creative block or need a pick-me-up.

  • I Heart My Art

    I Heart My Art features user-submitted art pieces from design to sculpture to found art and beyond. The true art connoisseur could peruse this blog to their hearts desire and be forever satisfied.

  • Iconoclassic

    This blog is incredibly cool because it features graphic design and art from the 50s, 60s and 70s, hence the name. Favorite post? Perhaps the 60's art magazine: See it here.

  • Daily Drop Cap

    This one is for the typography nerds. Every day (perhaps several times daily, there is an illustrated Capital Letter (free to use in non-commercial projects) and all of them are gorgeous. They range from 3D illustrations to inked beauties. Again - very much for typography lovers.

  • F*ck Yeah Illustration!

    As the name says, this is a collection of the internet's best illustrations, helpfully collected into one blog with a...questionable name. Regardless, the illustrations on the blog are without a doubt, the best illustrations that can be seen online. Use them for inspiration or a stepping stone to your own beautiful illustrations.

  • Crashingly Beautiful

    The first thing you see on this blog is a beautiful quote that we here at Integraphix live by: "Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a way of being." --Frederick Franck. This blog covers everything from sculpture, to film, to music and more.

As you go through these blogs, try to gain inspiration for your own projects, and think about the creativity and time that went into not only creating the art, but the time and eye for design/art that went into collecting each piece into one space. Enjoy!


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