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3 Reason Crowdsourcing Helps Your Content Marketing

As the role of content marketing comes of age and matures, marketing agencies have to figure out the best channels for their content and gain the greatest ROI. However, the costs to do so can be intimidating, at least to do so effectively. This begs the question: what are you to do if your budget is already stretched thin? The answer is crowdsourcing. 

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How To Use Instagram for Marketing 

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. Many companies have added the platform as one of the ways to accomplish social media marketing. When you think about it, it's a great way to showcase your business, at least, if your products or services benefit from lots of visual exposure.

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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

When you decide to do social media, you have to consider which social platforms would be the best for your business. Why? Well, not every social platform is going to be great for your business; some will suit you better than others. Depending on your business, you may find that Pinterest is going to be great; such examples would be culinary or art based businesses.

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How to Avoid a Rebranding Disaster

Rebranding a business can be a smart move but it is always riddled with risk. Even some of the best and biggest corporations out there have undergone rebranding efforts and emerged a battled, bruised, and broken warrior. Good branding is both a science and an art; it takes precise calculation based on research while also utilizing creativity.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid to Get Successful B2B Marketing

It can be really tough to do successful B2B marketing, it really is. To blog about the small niches can be really hard to create good content for. As a marketing firm, we have seen plenty of examples of bad content marketing from businesses.

Successful marketing requires planning, strategizing, and dedication. What are things to avoid in order to have successful marketing?

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With all the technology we have at our finger tips, customer service has to be even better than it was in the past. One of the simplest ways is to respond to consumers on social media, especially Twitter. However, if you really want to win over consumers after they have a fit, you have to use more exceptional tactics. Here are some ideas to move your customer service marketing to the next level. 

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Top 9 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

For much of the business world, social media marketing is a great avenue to go down because it is a faster, cheaper, engaging way to advertise and marketing your brand. However, some believe that social media marketing, or internet marketing in general, is just a fad. Due to the quick rising of the promotion platform, many believe that it is merely a blip on the radar, a passing interest, and unprofitable.