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What Are People Saying About Your Business Online? 

It might be time to get reputation management

The internet is wonderful thing, it allows us to be connecting with friends and family from around the country or world, to research basically any event from our couches in our PJs, and get front seats to our favorite shows, etc. When it comes to business, you can promote your business with search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other internet marketing methods. Your business can get good reviews and you can show them off! It's delightful.

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6 Great Lessons to Learn From a CMO

Being a Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, can be a very hard job. It requires your creative mind to be in its best form and your leadership skills to match. A good CMO can take a company to the next level and beyond, while a bad CMO can bring it to ruins.

As the CMO from many brands, the creative director of our Chicago marketing agency has given six great lessons about what he learned from marketing in those duties.

With the Super Bowl just over a week away, everyone is buzzing about what we can expect to see with the ads. The ads that air during the game have come to be as popular, even more popular with some people, as the game itself.

Over the years, creative marketing agencies have put out some very good commercials for the game. However, some have performed better than others. Here is our list of top 10 Super Bowl ads of all time, according to our Chicago marketing company's advertising team.

10. Pepsi's ad, "New Can" (1991). The ad starred Cindy Crawford, showing off some fabulous new Pepsi cans, not to mention her cutoffs.

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How To Be Brand Compliant and Creative in Social Media Marketing

If you ask a social media marketer about their thoughts on "brand standards" then you will likely get some.. interesting responses. What are brand standards? They are standards created for a brand to make sure there is a uniform look, messaging, and feel across their outlets; the brand standards can sometimes be limiting, at least feel that way, in ways of creativity and content creation.

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The Top 10 Best-Loved Brands of 2014

YouGov has been tracking the brands of the world and each year, we get a report saying which ones rank where; this year, there is no surprise as to why these ten brands are up there. The team at our creative marketing agency is actually pretty excited about this list.

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Learn How to Blog Consistently and Not Get Burned Out 

Blogging can be something that sucks your creative juices dry. You always have to think up creative content, make it compelling and worth reading, and have enough to talk about. It can be very tiring to blog consistently, for a long period of time, without burning out.

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Will Apple Watch Be King of Wearable Ads Like Facebook is for Mobile? 

This will be a great advertising space for brands, at least if the Apple Watch becomes as popular as the iPhone. Brands are expecting to be patient with this, however, as they hope the popularity and growth will take a few years. However, that does not mean that brands will sit back, many are ready to jump on the platform ASAP. This revenue stream could be a huge hit for Apple.

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Make 2015 the Best Year for Your Business

2015 is officially here and it is a time of renewal. If 2014 was not the best year for your business or your goal is to improve on things and grow, then make this year the year to do it.

Integraphix is a creative marketing agency and we love helping companies get the exposure they need for growing, rebranding, appealing to a new demographic, advertising, and getting found on the internet.

If you want to make 2015 the year your business strikes gold, then contact Integraphix.

The Top 5 TV Ads from 2014

December 30, 2014

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The Top 5 TV Ads from 2014

Well, the year of 2014 has come and is now almost gone, it is crazy to think that 12 months has gone by this quickly. This always requires creative marketing agencies to look back on the year and determine what went well and what did not go so well.

2014 was a year of some pretty great advertising, both in print and on TV. There were many ads that aired on TV that were truly great but for sake of time and attention spans, we narrowed it down to our top five favorites.