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How Millennials are Altering the Way Marketing Agencies Operate

More and more Millennials are entering the work force. With every wave of a generation that enters this portion of the world, that part of the world changes and becomes accustomed to their tendencies and demands.

As part of the creative marketing industry, our Chicago marketing company has noticed changes and trends that emerged in marketing and advertising with the rise of Millennials coming into the industry. There are approximately 75 million of them in the U.S. alone and together, they make up about 44 percent of the workforce in the country. There are several great things they are doing to the industry.

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Is It Worth a Brand's Time to Buy a .sucks Or .porn Domain Before Opposition Can? 

You may or may not have heard that new domain suffixes are hitting the market, two of the most concerning ones are .sucks and .porn. Others can be things like .marketing, .surfing, or whatever you want, really.

However, brands and celebrities alike are concerned about the two main ones we've mentioned. Why? Well, if a competitor or disgruntled group of consumers were to buy a .sucks domain about a company they didn't like, it could be damaging. Brands are not as concerned about the .porn domain, that is more of a concern for celebs. Could a .sucks domain be a branding nightmare for a company? Should brands buy these domains to prevent pranksters, haters, or their competition from ruining things?

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Here's Why Your Business Needs to Worry About Reputation Management

Consumers have more access to more information these days than ever before. Someone can look up your company and view what is said about your business any time and from any where. The knowledge that a consumer can post a review about your company within minutes of an interaction is a potentially daunting thought.

Before hiring your company's services or buying a product, a consumer can research your company and its quality online and get a plethora of information within minutes; in fact, 85 percent of consumers use the web to research products/services before purchasing, according by our Chicago SEO company team. That's a lot of people. That is a lot of business that you could be losing if your business does not have proper reputation management.

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What is Meerkat? Find Out About the App That's Taking the Mobile World by Storm

If you have been looking at your Twitter at all the past week, then you have likely been seeing people talking about something called Meerkat. A newcomer in the social media world. The app arrived in Apple's App Store this past February so it has not had a lot of time in the public eye but the time it's had, it's done well with it. Here's what our Chicago marketing agency's social media marketing team found out.

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The Best Times for Brands to Air Ads During March Madness

Now that Selection Sunday has passed, brackets are being filled out and anticipation for the March Madness tournament is in full-swing.

With all the eyes that will be tuning into the tournament starting this week, brands are wondering when they should air ads so they get the best ROI. There are 67 games that will be aired during the tournament and that means hundreds of opportunities to get your brand name out there. During those 67 games, it is said that ad sales increase by 10 percent; digital advertising sales are responsible for $85 million of the money brands spend on advertising during the tournament.

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Instagram: How It Went from a Small App to a Favorite of Brands for Social Media Marketing

Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing app there is for brands and consumers alike is grabbing brands away from Facebook in droves. Brands are posting more to Instagram than they do for Facebook. 

One reason is because brands know that anything they post on their corporate Instagram profiles will appear in the feeds of all their followers.

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Advertising for Apple Watch: One Way Advertisers Will Have to Adjust

With the big unavailing of the Apple Watch yesterday in Cuptertino, CA, advertising and marketing teams are realizing that the era of the smartwatch will force some changes to happen.

As long as people are looking at their smartwatches, there will be ads popping up on them. However, the experience of the ads that will appear on the watches will have to be different than any ad experience on other devices.

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How to Pronounce These 15 Brand Names You've Said Wrong This Whole Time

Brands exist around the world. Languages dictate that letters are pronounced differently, depending on the language. This can pose a problem when you consider when a brand goes international. As a Chicago marketing company, this is one thing we consider when creating a name when branding a company.

Thanks to Business Insider, here is a video informing you about the proper way to pronounce 15 brand names that you've probably been saying wrong all this time.

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Top 10 Digital Marketing Stats from Last Week

The last seven days were a flurry of activity on social media, it seemed like every day, there was something new to talk about. It all began with the Oscars, then the llamas, and then the dress. Of course, let's not forget the passing of Leonard Nimoy and the consequential usage of LLAP (live long and prosper).

Here are the top 10 buzzed activities from social media, according to our Chicago digital marketing team.

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How To Create a Business Name You Can Be Proud Of

"...What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…" from Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare is one of the most quoted lines in theater history. It brings a good question to mind, "What's in a name?"

There is a lot that goes into a name and more than just a group of vowels and consonants. Especially when it comes to the success of your small business, according to our New York City marketing agency. The right name can be a big part of success; the wrong name can be a business's demise.