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-- Scott Ventura

Facebook has been, and will remain, the majority leader for social media advertising; however, creative marketing teams have been seeing a major rise in niche social media sites. Sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Tumblr continue to grow their user bases and gain popularity; Instagram is now over 300 million users and Pinterest is over 70 million
. As these sites continue to show the world their usefulness in business, they continue to develop their ad platforms.

-- Geoff Fuller

Consumers see their surroundings differently than marketers and brands do. The line between experiences we have online and offline has definitely been smeared, if not removed entirely. It is hard to remember where we gather information anymore, between online and offline. Which is not entirely a bad thing.

-- Geoff Fuller

It has been confirmed. PINTEREST ANNOUNCED THERE WILL BE BUYABLE PINS in the next few weeks. From now on, people on Pinterest will be able to buy directly from Pinterest; this will greatly simplify the steps for Ecommerce, especially on a site that is so conducive for purchasing due to its visual platform.

-- Geoff Fuller

When our marketing agency talks to prospective clients for the first time, we never hear something like, "Well, we tried several marketing efforts, around 12. We've done things like Adwords, Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Pandora ads, event marketing, SEO, retargeting, guest blogs, public relations, print ads, etc. Each of them worked little by little and eventually formed something wonderful. After maximizing each one a little each month, our ROI tripled."

brands use nostalgia to win millennials image

--Geoff Fuller

Brands continue to capitalize on our love for nostalgia and vintage things. Especially with Millennials. The latest brand to go with this marketing strategy is KFC.

The brand is bringing back their famous founder, Colonel Sanders, back from the dead…. sort of. Col. Sanders died 35 years ago but he is being reincarnated by Darrell Hammond, former SNL star.

importance of transparent marketing image

-- Geoff Fuller

The word "transparency" gets tossed around a lot in the creative marketing and advertising world(s). Unfortunately, it can also be mentioned so much that it almost loses meaning; agencies begin to say they're transparent yet they are anything but transparent.

When a company or vendor does not have transparent business practices, our team at Integraphix becomes suspicious; why would we want to have a strategic partnership, investing our clients' time and money with someone we can't trust? The answer is quickly and importantly, "No."

why brands love enthusiastic influencers image

-- Geoff Fuller

When it comes to consumers, the best ones that brands can tap into are the enthusiastic influencers. The influencers who are enthusiastic are the real influencers that brands want to utilize; they hold a certain level of persuasion via their excitement and obsession over brands, products, services, etc. When they talk about something they are passionate about, it often gets their audience excited, too.

Enthusiastic influencers are often the people you know who spend time researching a product for you, without your request. You want a new guitar? They've researched some for you.

corporate social media habits to avoid image

-- Jane Gozenpud

Doing social media for your business is becoming a necessity in 2015. Nay, it is a necessity. With the millions of people on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus, not pursuing corporate social media can lead to missed sales and connections.

The key is that a company's social media has to be good. When a company utilizes poor social media tactics, it can be as bad as not doing social media at all.