• Body in Motion Web Design

    The Body in Motion website is the culmination of branding, exceptional web copy, and design that accentuates Body in Motion's unique status as a Personal Training Facility as well as a group fitness training area. Each program has a dedicated page and the website boasts a custom CMS and client log in portal.

  • Web Design Part 2

    When designing Body in Motion's website, Integraphix took into account the needs of their clients as well as the needs of the trainers, and developed a streamlined way to incorporate classes, scheduling, and client log-in to accommodate ease of access to Body in Motion's client-trainer portal.

Project Description

Integraphix was contacted by Body in Motion to design and develop a custom website that would highlight their modern approach to fitness and physical training in the Chicago area. Integraphix approached this project wanting to recreate Body in Motion's image to portray the company as a highly modern, effective and edgy organization.

Our web designers and developers were given strict guidelines and a short deadline to meet, but were able to work together efficiently to build the custom website you see above. The Body in Motion website includes a customizable Content Management Systems (CMS), Search Engine Optimization, and a functioning appointment calendar and client log-in.

About Body in Motion

Body in Motion provides Fitness Training and Physical Therapy for athletes at all levels of fitness. They excel in speed training, personal training and group training and their programs provide a new level of fitness for those wanting to move ahead in the athletic arena. They have a unique approach that is designed to condition their clients' bodies and minds instead of simply watching them workout.

Return on Investment

Due to Body in Motion's well designed website, they are portraying a much more professional image to their target market. In addition to their company perception, their optimized website has seen a 436% increase in online visitation only a month after their website was launched. 46% of their website traffic is coming from Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing with 41% of the traffic coming from Google alone. Due to the custom optimization methods used, Body in Motion is seeing increased website traffic and relevant business leads.


"Integraphix did an excellent job and we wholeheartedly recommend them to all business owners and entrepreneurs as the 'full package deal' - they're a team brimming with edgy talent, and a passion for web design and graphic design."

Sara Miranda
Body in Motion